Thursday, July 31, 2008

Throwing Garry's Mod on at home

To get Garry's Mod installed at home you need to run through a process something like this:
  • In the labs, go to this folder (C:\program files\steam\steamapps) in there you will see a heap of .GCF files. The safest way is just to copy all of them onto a portable drive or big USB key to take home (if you skip this step then you will need to download these via your home net connections).
  • On your home machine (and or laptop) go to the Steam site and download the steam installer and run it.
  • Once steam is installed, launch it and login with your nice new steam account. Once it does any updating you should close steam down completely (including the system tray bit)
  • Now you can copy the GCF files from your portable media into your version of the steamapps folder.
  • Fire up steam again and the My Games tab should now let you launch GMod without requiring the downloads and off you go.
  • Note that you dont need all these .GCF files and if you are running out of space you should be able to remove some depending on which version of GMod you have or other games you want/need.
    Some of the sets you may be able to remove (or not copy in the first place are):
    Unreal Tournament 3
    Episode 1
    Episode 2
    Team Fortress
  • If you have trouble with this method try deleting the winui.gcf as well - steam will re-create it for you.
  • For the Mac powered people you will need a copy of windows running in a bootcamp partition, then just start up in windows and do everything like your a windows user.
  • Dont forget you will need Fraps as well.
Then if your looking for help on GMod itself just check the main GMod homepage and its Manual/Wiki.

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