Saturday, August 16, 2008

Experiment 1 Handin

Everyone should check the extra notes now on the course blog regarding your submissions. So everything needs to be uploaded to your blog and it would be wise to re-check the specific assessment criteria for this experiment.


GMod Mod
If you need the special GMod variant with the frame, you can copy the whole folder which is under c:\program files\steam\steamapps\sourcemods. This same location has your save files as well in a SAVE folder.

Grabbing Youtube Vids
To grab video from youtube you will need to make use of sites like: Convert Direct &

Again, refer to the course blog for links to converters to make your life easier and look around for others.

File Sizes
One thing you will notice is that it is easy to get HUGE files, which take a small eternity to upload to youtube. Several people have found nice ways to get these files a little more manageable, including the use of things like Windows Movie Maker - just as a single step to compress the video down. Keep an eye out for output settings in your video edit suite of choice and indeed your capture settings in FRAPS.

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