Sunday, August 31, 2008

Experiment 1 Showcase

I enjoyed working through the submissions for Experiment 1, there were some interesting ideas being explored and then great use of the tools to develop and present them through the videos.

Here are some of the more interesting pieces - choosing 2 found and 2 custom:

Wirada created two videos that feed off each other and explore the ideas of the experiment in water, ground, air and person.
The Found Machinima
The Custom Machimima

Tommy used an interesting video style to explain his experimentation with linear explosion and its impact on porosity. Check his Custom version:
Custom Machinima Composite

Adley uses some artistry in pulling together an array of clips to explore his ideas relating to different scales of explosion and impacts which vary from partial to total which he then explored in the real-time environment.
The Found Machinima

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